McKenzie Towne Plaza

Plaza Vote Updates:

May 11, 2015:

From the February 2015 monthly board meeting:

MOTION: "Council endorses the idea that we work toward development of the MTC Plaza Park and what it consists of."

Moved by: Rob Van Gastel; Seconded by: James Boyle        CARRIED

MOTION: "Any further requests for moneys for signficant construction and development of the MTC Plaza Park go before a meeting of the residents for a vote."

Moved by: Rob Van Gastel; Seconded by: Ryan Volmar       CARRIED

October 3, 2014:


Although the McKenzie Towne Plaza Project received formal approval from the McKenzie Towne Council (MTC) resident membership on June 17, 2014 by a vote of 285 for and 266 against, the outcome in the eyes of the MTC Board of Directors did not equate to a resounding majority.

Consequently, given the overall financial commitment of the project and the implications on ALL residents, the MTC Board of Directors have elected to suspend the Plaza Project.

We wish to thank all of the residents who invested significant time and energy into the Plaza project and look forward to working again with you on future initiatives.

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting on June 17th, 2014, either in person or by proxy.

The results of the vote are: 285 for, 266 against.

The Board will be meeting over the next several weeks to discuss next steps.

Updates will be posted to the McKenzie Towne Council website ( as they become available.

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