McKenzie Towne Snow Removal

     Winter is here, and that means snow, sleet and slippery conditions!

Here is a list of the Areas that McKenzie Towne Council is responsible for and what the City of Calgary is responsible for.

 McKenzie Towne Council snow clearing priorities in order:     The City of Calgary is responsible for:
1. McKenzie Towne Hall        1. The 130th Pathway which is located behind safeway/walmart.
2. Traffic Circle       2. A section of pathway along Prestwick Pond behind Prestwick Landing.
3. McKenzie Towne Church    
4. Prestwick Common    
5. Inverness Square    
6. Promende Park    
7. Promenade Lookout    
8. Inverness Pond    
9. Prestwick Pond    
10. Skatepark/Ice Hockey Rink    

                                                                               *Each listing is linked to google maps for clarifiaction of area                                                   

For any questions or concerns, please contact us.