Ponds and Pathways

clientuploads/_photos/storm pond.gifMcKenzie Towne has two Storm Water retention ponds (Prestwick and Inverness), which were put in place for community drainage purposes only. There is no access to this area, no swimming, boating, skating, etc. is allowed. (Click image to enlarge)

Go here for FAQ on storm drainage systems (City of Calgary).

Walkers can leisurely stroll, walk or run along the pathways around the ponds year round. Snow and ice are removed in the winter for your enjoyment.






Prestwick Storm Pond & Pathway

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Located on the north side of McKenzie Towne Blvd, the pathway is .93 miles or 1.5 kilometers around.

Inverness Storm Pond & Pathway

clientuploads/_photos/pond_inverness (Medium).JPG
Located south of Promenade Way, the pathway is 1.47 miles or 2.37 kilometers around.