Community News: City of Calgary Watering & Chinch Bug Alert

Published Friday, August 4, 2017


McKenzie Towne is home to approximately 110 acres of parks and over 200 tree and shrub beds?

Within these 110 acres, we house 18 parks that are owned by the City of Calgary and maintained by our wonderful maintenance crew. The maintaining of these spaces requires a lot of water, especially during the dry summer months we often encounter in Calgary. In trying to remain fiscally responsible to citizens, The City of Calgary has a budget in which they are only able to afford the watering of so many city parks. If McKenzie Towne were to take on the costs of watering, it would cost $23,000 or approximately $3.50 per household. In 2018, this cost would rise to $46,000 in 2018, which would cost nearly $7.00 per household.

If you have any questions regarding irrigation, you can always reach out to the City of Calgary through 311.


Is the dry grass bugging you?

While the limited watering of our parks has made many yellow and dry, it may be more than watering affecting them and your lawn.

There has been chinch bug sightings in McKenzie Towne - please read below to learn about our pesky new neighbours.