Splash Park Bylaws: No Dogs Allowed

Published Monday, April 16, 2018

The splash park at Prestwick Common will be a great place to cool down in the upcoming summer months. As we prepare for its opening, we have to abide by the City's bylaws for a splash park. Due to sanitary reasons, no dogs will be allowed at Prestwick Common.

The Scoop on Dog Poop

Dog waste can be harmful to people, pets and the environment, if not picked up and disposed of properly.

  • It often contains E. coli and other harmful bacteria, such as salmonella, that can cause serious illness in humans.
  • It can transmit parasites, including tapeworm and roundworm larvae, that can lead to brain, eye and other human organ damage.
  • Its high-nutrient content creates “hot spots” causing nearby grass and plants to burn and discolor.
  • It can contaminate lakes, rivers and other water sources when carried away by rain or melting snow.
  • It attracts mice, coyotes and other wildlife to urban areas.
  • It does not absorb into the soil, so the risk of spreading its harmful effects can linger for years.

The Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw states that…

 (1) The Owner of a dog shall ensure that such dog does not enter or remain in or on:

(a) a School Ground, Playground, Sports Field, Golf Course, Cemetery, Wading or Swimming Area, or a Pathway; or

(b) any other area where dogs are prohibited by posted signs.


(2) The Owner of a dog shall ensure that such dog does not enter or remain in a

Park, or any part thereof, where the dog is within five (5) meters of a Play

Structure, a Wading Pool or Swimming Area, a Sports Field, a Golf Course or a Cemetery.

Although the five (5) meter set-back still leaves enough room for dogs to remain in the remainder of the park, so long as they are on-leash, the presence of dog waste beyond the five (5) meter set-back  zone (even if picked up) can be transferred by human contact, into the spray park and playground areas. This could pose a serious health risk to the children and adults using the park.


Don't worry! There are tons of other parks in McKenzie Towne where you can walk a dog on a leash.