Snow and Ice Control McKenzie Towne

Published Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for residents to navigate around the side streets and back alleys of McKenzie Towne.  The City of Calgary is responsible for road and alley maintenance.  Snow clearing is not done in alleys or on side streets as a general rule.  It may be possible, if you contact 311 and express your concerns, that the City may attempt to reduce some of the ice. 

To make things more complicated, some sidewalks and pathways are maintained by the City of Calgary while others are maintained by McKenzie Towne staff.  The areas that MTC is responsible for, is provided for on a map viewable on the MTC website.  This map is broken down by priority, because in some cases, we are not able to get to every location immediately, however our goal is to have the snow removed within 24h in accordance with City bylaws.

For the work undertaken by MTC on City owned land, the cost of the maintenance is subsidized by the City through an Enhanced Amenities Agreement.  Other pathways and sidewalks that are not in front of a residence may be cleared by the City.  For snow clearing on other pathways, parks, and sidewalks within McKenzie Towne, the cost comes from the MTC budget.  Connector walkways between phases of McKenzie Towne are not cleared by the City or MTC staff and are the responsibility of the homeowners whose yards border these walkways.

There have been some comments and concerns about damage to turf and posts.  Due to the amount of snow that has fallen, in some cases larger equipment has been used by the City to remove ice and snow on pathways that they maintain.  MTC staff have reported the damage to 311 and once the snow melts will report any other damage that we find.