Community Planning Exchange

Published Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Community Planning Exchange

Change in communities is inevitable and it is a natural part of the community lifecycle. Keeping up and adapting to the change is what allows our communities to remain vibrant and viable. Our fall CPE focused on change in the developed communities, so our spring CPE will focus on our Greenfield or developing communities.

Join us for a half day workshop that will give developing communities an understanding of the development of public goods (such as schools and parks) and their role in shaping communities, as well as what to expect in the future with gentle intensification. With the knowledge to understand how their community will develop, we hope this workshop will empower residents to engage in the future of their communities.

  • Parks and Green Spaces – How are green spaces planned? What is the purpose of them? This session will focus on Municipal Reserve or MR land in our city and will discuss their role and purpose in keeping our communities vibrant but also how they have changed.
    • Presenter: City of Calgary Parks Planner
  • The Lifecycle of a school – How do schools get built? What happens if a school closes? Schools fall under the jurisdiction of the municipal school boards. Debunk common myths about schools; learn about challenges with school construction, and new trends taking place with our schools from our Calgary Board of Education (CBE) planner
    • Presenter: Calgary Board of Education
  • Middle Housing – What is middle housing and how does it benefit our community? Learn from the planner in charge of the RC-G district on what middle housing means and what community benefits it can provide.
    • Presenter: City of Calgary Land Use bylaw (LUB) and Municipal Development Plan (MDP) planners

Through presentations from the City and other stakeholders, you will learn about the different stakeholders in the planning process and their role in helping to make your community vibrant. This workshop will empower participants to think about their community life cycling and what stage their community is at, and what the future holds.

This event will provide a light breakfast and refreshments. There will also be plenty of opportunities for community, industry representatives, and City staff to meet, build new connections, and strengthen old ones. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cost: FREE
Time: 8:30-1:00pm
Location: Canyon Meadows Community Association - 844 Cantabrian Dr SW
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