Snow Route Parking Ban Advisory

Published Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The City of Calgary has received significant snow accumulation since the evening of Thursday, March 1.

As a result of the snow accumulation, a snow route parking ban has been advised. This ban will go into effect on Wednesday, October 3 at 10 a.m. This ban will help crews clear Priority 2 routes as efficiently and safely as possible. The ban is expected to be in effect for 72 hours, or until lifted by The City.

Vehicles parked on snow routes must be moved for the duration of the ban. Vehicles that remain parked on these routes during the ban are subject to enforcement, up to and including a parking ticket and tow.

Snow routes are located on major roadways, collector roads and most bus routes and can be identified throughout the city by blue signs with a white snowflake.

These parking restrictions help City crews remove snow from major traffic routes more effectively. This benefits all Calgarians and helps make winter travel safer for everyone.

For more information about snow route parking bans, visit or call 3-1-1.  To see a map of which roads are included in this restriction, visit the Snow Route Parking Ban Map. For frequent updates, follow @yyctransport on Twitter.