Physical Distance Monitoring Program

Published Friday, May 22, 2020

The City of Calgary, One Calgary Citizen Priority – A Healthy & Green City, through their One City approach (multi business unit collaboration) continue to monitor physical distancing during The City’s state of local emergency.

A city-wide report and map is circulated to each Councillor showing locations visited. Green dots indicate parks visited where over 80% of citizens practiced physical distancing, while Red dots indicate less than 80% compliance at least once over the past 3 days.

Our office noticed a Red dot in Ward 12 and inquired for more information. This is the response from Calgary Community Standards (Bylaw):

Based on feedback from Parks and Bylaw, this particular location is the New Brighton skate park where distancing compliance is often only between 40-60%, and the concern was more among spectators not distancing than the skaters. We have a working group meeting this afternoon where this location is going to be discussed, as well as skate parks generally. We will continue to monitor, and as always, encourage citizens to call 311 if there are concerns so we can dispatch officers in a timely fashion and gather data so we can plan and dedicate appropriate resourcing.

Messaging you may consider relaying to the community associate this month, regarding skate parks, are as follows:

  • Skaters must maintain 2m distance, especially when waiting in line to skate
  • We are finding that spectator compliance is often poor compared to skaters.  Reminder that when watching other skaters, you must keep 2m distance from others
  • Parents should supervise children (under 12).  It is not advised to leave children without adult supervision as they often are not able to gauge what a safe physical distance is.
  • If upon arrival the park seems busy, please leave and come again at a different time.  Leave space to distance.
  • Thank you for helping to keep our skate parks open!