Green Line Update

Published Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Green Line update


 It was a busy summer for the Green Line LRT project. As Calgary’s largest infrastructure project in history, it is supported and jointly funded by the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta and City of Calgary.



In June, City Council approved an updated Stage 1 route that helped address concerns around project costs, construction risk and customer experience. This approval allowed us to move the project forward achieving many milestones over the summer including:


*             Releasing a Request for Proposal to a short list of proponent teams. The successful proponent will be responsible for the final design and construction of the first 16km of the Green Line LRT.

*             Gaining approval to establish a Green Line Board that will help improve Green Line decision making, accommodate the speed at which the project is moving and bring in dedicated experts that will provide guidance to Administration on delivering megaprojects.

*             Continuing our enabling works projects between Ramsay-Inglewood station and Shepard station at 126 Avenue S.E. which clear the way for major Green Line LRT construction to occur more efficiently and with lower project risk.



 In addition, The City worked collaboratively with the Provincial government to support their review of the Green Line LRT project. The Province has recently completed their review and we are pleased that they have reaffirmed their support and commitment to the project. The Green Line team will continue to work diligently with the Government of Alberta and Government of Canada as the Green Line LRT is a critical piece of infrastructure for our city, and will be an important part of the economic recovery.


 Designing the Green Line: 16 Avenue N to the Elbow River


 While the engagement and functional plan was completed in 2018 for the first 16km, in June of 2020 City Council approved changes to the 4km section from 16 Avenue N to the Elbow River. The functional design for this 4km section has started this fall. This is where we better understand the unique engineering requirements and any specific issues that need to be addressed to develop detailed designs for the project. Additional public input will be gathered as part of that process, and we will be sharing more information about those engagement opportunities over the coming months.



 The first public events will be taking place as part of the Eau Claire Area Improvements Virtual Information Sessions <> . The kick-off event will be a general update and Q&A for the Green Line project, and takes place on Saturday, October 24 from 2 - 3:15 p.m. Two other events follow and those details can be found here <> . As we work to finalize details for additional engagement opportunities we will be sure to keep you informed. You can always visit our engagement portal <>  for more information as it becomes available.



 Completing the functional design for the section from 16 Avenue N to the Elbow River includes examining how the LRT will change travel patterns on Centre Street North and in surrounding communities, as well as what requirements LRT stations will have. It also includes a Streetscape Master Plan for Centre Street N, North BRT study and design concepts for the new Bow River bridge. The functional design will be completed by spring 2021 and will set the stage for procurement in fall 2021.




Upcoming engagement opportunities


 Throughout late 2020/early 2021 we’ll be looking for feedback on major elements to help us complete the functional design process which includes the North Mobility Studies, Bow River Bridge Design, Streetscape Masterplan for Centre Street N and the North BRT Study.


 Learn more <>  about upcoming projects and opportunities to participate.



 Supporting communities and businesses during construction


In 2015, Calgary City Council directed the Green Line team through a Notice of Motion to consult with impacted businesses and develop a Business Support Program to help businesses prepare for and manage the potential impacts of Green Line LRT construction.


 To develop the Business Support Program, The Green Line project team will be undergoing an engagement process and we will be in your community over the coming months. We will be sending out information about this in the coming weeks.


 For the latest project news and other opportunities to get involved, visit <> . Follow the Green Line story on Twitter  #GreenLineYYC <>  or email <>  for further questions.