Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of an Executive Leadership Team consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer as well as 9 members at large. The number of Board members and the Executive Leadership Team is determined annually at the Annual General Meeting.

This is a council of your peers, people who may live next door to you and have volunteered their time to serve on the Board. The staff who work in the offices at McKenzie Towne Hall are managed by the Board.

To reach the President, email

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Monthly Meetings:

All McKenzie Towne Residents in Good Standing (Annual Fees are current) are invited to attend and participate McKenzie Towne Council monthly meetings. There is time alotted at each meeting for residents in attendance to speak.

Held the third Tuesday of each month, at 6:30pm, at McKenzie Towne Hall. Residents must check in with the front desk and show proof of residency.

Go here to view past meeting minutes and the meeting schedule.

McKenzie Towne Council Board of Directors 2017-2018

President - Rob Van Gastel
Vice President - Margaret McPherson
Secretary - Shawn MacDougall
Treasurer - Malik Amery

Members at large: Laura St. Croix, Ute Davies, Jessica Smith, Rick Leigh, Jackolynn Coughlin, Gwyn Schorno, Robert LaPierre, Wade Keller, Joseph Burke, Adam Noble-Johnson

Board Committees

Operations Committee: Ute Davies, Wade Keller, Rob Van Gastel, Jackolynn Coughlin.

HR/Compensation Committee:  Malik Amery, Laura St. Lacroix, Shawn MacDougall, Rob Van Gastel.

Finance/Budget/Information Systems Committee: Malik Amery,  Margaret McPherson, Rob Van Gastel.

Policy Committee: Laura St. Croix, Jessica Smith, Rob Van Gastel.

Prestwick Common Committee: Malik Amery, Laura St. Croix, Rob Van Gastel.

Stampede Breakfast Committee: Rob Van Gastel, Malik Amery, Jessica Smith, Margaret McPherson, Rick Leigh.